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Aruba Access Point

Aruba wireless access points enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity for an optimized user and Iot experiences.
Aruba Indoor access points
When performance and simplicity matter, Aruba AP’s support AI capabilities, the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standards, and multiple form factors for deployment in any environment. Ruggedized models also support extreme temperature and humidity requirements.

Outdoor access points.
Aruba outdoor APs provide seamless connectivity for large public venues like parks and parking lots, as well as smaller pool areas and loading docks. Point-to-point wireless options provide Wi-Fi mesh backhaul and 60GHz speed to adjacent buildings.

Aruba Air Pass: Seamless, Secure Roaming and Onboarding.
As the industry’s first roaming and onboarding solution that unifies enterprise and mobile network experiences, Air Pass automatically transitions cellular devices to enterprise networks – effectively eliminating gaps in cellular coverage.

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